Play in casino for Litecoin p2p currency

Our mobile friendly casino with a minimum deposit 0.01 USD keeps up to date and recently several additional payment methods were added. Today we are going to review one of these methods in detail: Litecoin p2p currency.

Litecoin p2p currency

General info about LTC

Litecoin is a P2P cryptocurrency which is a fork of BTC, i.e. Base code of Bitcoin was modified and used when LTC were created. Similarly to BTC, LTC uses the principle of a P2P network which is characterized by the absence of an administrator of any sort, which makes it impossible to regulate and manipulate the rate by the central bank.

LTC can also be collected on your own. However, number of Litecoin miners expands constantly due to the fact that this internet currency is distinctly popular. So, many people select to form mining pools to increase the probability of getting the Litecoin. Reward is taken apart fairly between the joiners of the pool.

Also, there are plenty of faucets which give away LTC to any volunteer for surfing through websites with banners.

LTC against BTC

Inspite of the connection to BTC, LTC has some original characteristics. For example, in terms of the money transaction. The difficulty of computing Litecoin is selected so that one block is generated within two or 2.5 min. It is four times faster than a similar transaction in the Bitcoin blockchain. This characteristic makes it easier to verify the transaction.

Another advantage of Litecoin p2p currency is that you can generate 84 000 000 of Litecoins in total which is four times greater than the entire amount of BTC.

Play in our internet casino with instant money withdrawal for Litecoin p2p currency

Just like BTC, LTC is ideal for start playing in the casino with immediate money withdrawal because of high anonymity. The original cryptographic means are equipped to protect the system. So you can try to play for Litecoin p2p currency even if casino is prohibited in your country.

In order to deposit in LTC in our fair casino with instant money withdrawal you need to:

  • Be a registered member in our browser-based casino for money and be signed in at the time of making deposit;
  • Go to the Finance section and select Litecoin from the listed payment options of casino;
  • Specify the amount of deposit (it cannot be less than 0.01 US dollar);
  • Ask for updating your game account.

As soon as the money transaction is finally verified, LTC will be credited to your account.

Try roulette in our fair casino with instant money withdrawal and win even more LTC! Winnings in Litecoin p2p currency can be exchanged for fiat money or Bitcoin. Use only appproved online exchangers for trading.